Monday, March 20, 2017

Leprechauns Wreak Havoc in Kindergarten!

It is hard to say what happened, but all I can say is this.  I ran to the bank quick during recess time and when I let the kids in from recess, we walked in our room to find this huge mess!  Well...they blamed me, but I was gone and besides...I'd never make a mess in my classroom like that!

We looked around and then we found this note from the leprechauns that said that they had made this mess because they were looking for treasure in our room!  They said that they were sorry and then they said that they had left a little treasure for us, but we'd have to find it.  The next thing we knew we were on a treasure hunt.  We read the messages and went from one place to another by solving riddles and asking others what they saw.

It was a great time and we did find our treasure.  It was gold-wrapped candy!  We had a really fun time!  

The kids were in awe when they came in from 
outside to see our messy classroom!
"Look!  I found a green note!"
Each note sent them on the hunt.

The superintendent was so surprised 
when she heard what happened!

The kids {and the superintendent} were so excited!
The cooks saw something green go 
by in a flash!
The music teacher was concerned 
about what was going on in her 
room too and then she found the 
clue that the leprechauns had left!
The P.E. teacher was having class and 
those big kids said that in March the leprechauns 
were in their kindergarten classroom too.
Here are the kids running down the hall to 
get the next clue.  Even this teacher was 
running in the hallway!  Yikes!
Here they are with the treasure!

Author Visit

We had an author come into the classroom and visit with the K-1st graders.  She calls herself Goob and this is the book that she wrote, read and discussed with the children.  It was a wonderful book and she did a great job of discussing it with the kids.  Thanks to American Family Insurance, each student and teacher received their very own copy of the book to keep.  Our kids were a very good audience!  They couldn't have been better!  Yay!  

Here is the book that she wrote.

The children were really good listeners!

The author used large story boards to show her book.

Here are the kids with their own copy of the book!
Here are the kids spreading their love!

Story Problems in Math

We have been working on story problems lately.  The children use a white board to draw it out and then they write the equation.  Now I'm mixing addition with subtraction and it gets a little trickier.  They are doing pretty well now!  Be sure to practice at home too.  

"Four children in the family needed rain boots.  
How many boots would they need to buy?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How I Taught my Kindergartners Bird Songs

I was asked to write an article for the teacher's website, "We Are Teachers".  She wanted me to write about how I teach kindergartners bird songs.  Here is the article and a video of the kids identifying bird songs.  Click here to see the article:

My National Geographic Project

I have completed my National Geographic Capstone Project in my efforts to become a Nat Geo certified teacher.  Click here to see the video of the kindergartners doing projects and birding in the Bald Eagle Zone.

Nat Geo Capstone - Birding in the Bald Eagle Zone 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Winter Dress-up Days

Career Day
Career Day Crazies!
Pajama Day and Dr. Seuss's "Read Across America Day"