Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wacky Watermelon Wednesday

Today was "Wacky Watermelon Wednesday" in kindergarten and all lessons centered around a watermelon. We learned about the letter Ww and its sound. We drew what the watermelon looked like on the outside and the inside.  We also did a Ww paper to practice hearing that sound and we colored a watermelon picture too. 

We listened to and then sang rhyming song about watermelon called, “Down by the Bay” by Raffi.

We talked about how watermelons are a fruit that grow on a plant and that they grow from a seed. Then we talked about what a plant needed to grow: sun, soil, air and water.  

Next, we pretended we were artists and painted a picture of the watermelon with our own paint set.  Mine painting is the one on the cover of this booklet.

We also felt the watermelon and held it too. It felt smooth and cool.  It was kind of heavy and we guessed how much it weighed.  Some guesses on its weight were: 1,000,100, 30, 40, 10, and 1 pound, but Mrs. Preheim weighed it and one weighed 14 lbs. while the other weighed 13 lbs.

Later we told Mrs. Preheim an exciting, make-believe story about a watermelon.  We thought it was a really cool story!  She typed it out for this booklet.

Then it was finally time to eat it!  It was yummy and we sure got messy and sticky!  We learned a lot from a watermelon today!  

"It's not heavy, Teacher!"

Everyone showed me how strong they were.
The kids are quiet and content when the can do art work.

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