Monday, August 29, 2016

Your First Bird Lesson


Hey everyone!  I need to teach you about birds, so that you can keep up with the kids.  If you both learn them together, there is a greater chance of you both remembering them for years to come.  Studying birds and animals is something that you can do together for a lifetime.

The first bird I'll teach you about is the Chimney Swift.  They are now grouping up into huge flocks and will soon be moving on in there migration to South America.  The Chimney Swifts fly over town all summer long making a chittering sound.  In fact they fly all day and never perch because they can't.  They eat, drink and bathe while flying.  In the evening they settle in a chimney, hollow tree or cave to sleep, hanging vertically with their head up.  They are a small, gray bird with curved wings that resembles a flying cigar, but I tell the kids it looks like a flying hot dog instead.  This birds eats mostly airborne insects, thus helping people by reducing pesky insect populations.

Step outside and watch for them in towns quick before they leave.  On a sad note, Chimney Swift populations are sharply declining due to the disuse of chimneys across the continent.

Yesterday evening 75+ Chimney Swifts were flying over the lake in town.  This morning 20+ Chimney Swifts were flying low over the playground, so we took a moment to watch them zip back and forth over us.  The kids were excited to watch this bird fly. To read more about Chimney Swifts and hear their sound click on this link:  Chimney Swifts on the All About Birds site.

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