Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Peregrine Falcon - Maggie

A big thank you goes out to my friend, Barb, from Mitchell!  She sponsored a bird for us from the Virginia Wildlife Center and she purchased a book for us too.  The children got to choose from a variety of injured birds to sponsor.  Since they have seemed to love Peregrine Falcons since the day I taught about them, it was an easy choice.  

Maggie is a Peregrine Falcon that was injured as she fledged out of her nest in the city and crashed into a building.  Bystanders found her injured and reported it.  Maggie was taken to the hospital, but she did lose her eye.  She is not able to fend for herself in the wild, so she will remain at the Virginia Wildlife Center and be used as an educational bird.

This was a very good book and the kids thought it 
was really interesting.

They were kind enough to send one Maggie bookmark 
and one informational card for each of my 
kindergarten students.  Above is the front of them.
Here is the back of the bookmark and card.  Be sure 
to check them out online as it is an interesting site with 
many birds and other animals that they use for education.
This is the certificate we received.

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