Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Day in Kindergarten

It was such a great day at school today!  First they watched me carve jack-o-lanterns and they got to help pull out the yuck.  Then we played Halloween sight word Bingo and did a Halloween math paper.  After lunch we went out to the nursing home to trick-or-treat in the community room and show our awesome costumes.  When we returned we had time to watch half of a Halloween Curious George movie.  Then the party began.  It was a great time and the kids were very well behaved!   

Happy Halloween!
I know...the knife was left on the table!  I insisted 
that they not touch it while I went for the camera.
Not everyone was excited about touching 
the gloopy, pumpkin inside!
The kids had a fun time today!
Some of the kids have toothless grins as well.

I saw three princesses on the bus today!
There were smiles all around!

Then they let the kids choose a cookie and 
have a cup of apple juice.  What a treat!
Three Power Rangers were making a Halloween decoration.

They enjoyed playing "Pin the Spider on the Web"!

The twins are racing to see who can blow 
their spider off of the end of the table first!  
The kids loved that game too!
Lunch is always a favorite part of the party!

They loved this guessing game!

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