Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bird Club

On most Fridays I am fortunate to have another class come join us for the Chickadee Bird Club.  I usually have the students in front of the Promethean board and we review birds and I usually show them what birds are in the area by looking at my Flickr site as well.  Then we watch a short video or two about birds.  

Sometimes we have bird centers where groups of kids move from one table to another to do bird activities.  In this way the students can review what they learned in kindergarten and this may help them remember what they learned about birds. 

These students are asking bird riddles.

These girls are also guessing each others bird riddles.

The older kids are great mentors to the younger students.
This group is playing Bird Memory.
Bird Bingo is a favorite for all!
These kids are drawing bird pictures.
The kids love to come to the year-round bird center!

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