Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mud Balls and Kindergartners - Making a Difference for Pheasant Chicks"

One of our seniors in high school did his senior project in conjunction with Pheasants Forever.  His project was about enhancing habitat for Ring-necked Pheasants by making mud balls with seeds, a.k.a. seed bombs.  

He recruited these bird-y kindergartners to help him make the mud balls.  Oh my!  Did they ever love this project!  It was a good thing we did this outdoors!  

After the mud dried, he had the kindergartners and I meet him at a field just outside of town.  He had the kindergartners throw the mud balls and when they hit the ground, they broke apart dispersing the seeds.  After the spring rains the seeds will hopefully grow into native plants that will be nutritious food for  Ring-necked Pheasant chicks and it will also provide cover for them.  Not only will it helps pheasants, but other grassland birds as well.  How wonderful it was for the kindergartners to be a part of something like this.  Helping birds is a way for young children to make a difference in their natural world and feel empathy towards other creatures!

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