Monday, September 5, 2016

Journal Writing in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students write in journals.  It is true!  They write in their journal every day.  At first the pages may have a basic drawing and you will see where they tried to write their thoughts using lines, circles or random letters of the alphabet.  Throughout the year the drawings become more advanced and your child will start to draw letters of that sound and then words using inventive spelling or by looking at the Word Wall in the classroom. In time they will be able to write on their own.  Some kindergartners come in knowing how to write, so then they are challenged to write more, use details and adjectives. 

Each child is at a different level and that is okay.  I try to get them to keep advancing at their own pace.  Each day I do a lesson teaching them how to write and how to use a "magic line", if they just can't figure out how to sound out a word.  I model the writing for them at the board to demonstrate how it is done.

I explain to the kids that their writing is called "kid writing" and mine is "grown-up writing".  We don't want them to think that their writing is wrong, but it just different.  The goal is to get each child to feel free to write and express themselves without the pressure of it being perfect.  I think that you will enjoy seeing what your child was thinking about at this young age.  Its very interesting to watch them progress throughout their kindergarten year.  

We also keep a class nature journal where together we write about what is happening around us in nature.  Encourage your child to write at home too. 

Journal writing teaches students: 

  • how to read from left to right 
  • how to write a sentence 
  • how to read 
  • how to spell and sound out words 
  • how to use correct punctuation 
  • how the spoken word can be put into written words 
"The fire truck is going to the fire."
"I like to be outside."
"My grandma has a broken leg and she is in the hospital.  
Two snakes are outside.  One can go underground 
and one can break down buildings!"
"I like boats!"
"I like hotels."

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