Friday, September 9, 2016

Take a Hike!

Corsica Lake

It is going to be a beautiful weekend and it would be the perfect time to get some outdoor hiking in.  I have a suggestion for two great places to visit.  Corsica Lake is a nice place to go hiking and birding.  It is only ten miles northeast of town and there are trails on both sides of the lake.  They are both an easy hike on flat ground.

The Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge trail is only 15 miles or so southwest of here.  This trail also is an easy hike with the lake on one side of the trail.  There are usually many birds to be seen along the way.  Be sure to drive on the road over the lake and you might get to see pelicans, gulls and ducks.

Both places have a bathroom and a picnic area. Take time to explore, throw rocks in the lake, catch some frogs, look at butterflies, check out the different wildflowers, or see how many species of birds you can spot.  Maybe you could even bring a picnic along.  Bring your binoculars, if you have them and take some photos to mark the day!  Have a great weekend!

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