Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Raptor Show

The Black Hills' Raptor Show did a presentation at our school.  He brought four raptors with him.  This was a wonderful presentation for our school since many of the children have some background knowledge in birds.  I had taught the Chickadee Bird Club about raptors prior to the presentation, so they were very excited!  Each family received a National Geographic book for kids about raptors.  There were really nice door prizes awarded too!  I thought it was really neat to see live birds close up!

John is holding a small falcon called the American Kestrel.
It is one of my favorite birds and it is in our area.  Look for
these small raptors on high line wires. This bird, Hendrix,
had imprinted on people when it was a fledgling and
is unable to care for itself.

This Eastern Screech-Owl is a small owl similar to 
those in our area.  I often get one in my nest box
 in my yard in the fall and winter.  They
whinny like a horse rather than hoot like the
Great Horned Owl.

It was a treat to see this Ferruginous Hawk
up close.  I usually see them by Pierre
or out west. 

Sadly, this bird was hit by a car and has
serious brain damage making it unable to
hunt for its own food.

Its rufous coloring and long, yellow gape are
how we distinguish it from other hawks.

This is a Short-eared Owl.  You may see them at
dusk on a fence post  Notice its facial discs
around its face that are used to funnel
sound waves to its ears.
This happy kindergartner won a plush 
Great Horned Owl as a door prize!

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