Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Owl Pellets

To wrap up my owl unit, the little scientist investigated owl pellets today.  Its true...owl pellets look gross, but they are interesting.  When owls and some other birds eat a small animal whole, they are unable to digest the bones and fur, so they cough it up.  When scientist look through the bones they are able to see what animals the owl had eaten.  These were pellets from a Short-eared Owl out west.  They had been kept in the freezer for months.  

It was so quiet in the room and the kindergartners were so intent in finding bones in their pellet.  They compared the bones to the ones on the pellet chart.  Most of the bones were of rodents.  Of course they were not happy with me when I said that they had to throw the bones away, so I let them glue the bones to their paper.  That is why you have received a paper full of bones and skulls!  Ha-ha!    

There was a lot of discussion and comparison going on.  
I've never seen the kindergartners so studious!

I offered to help some of them and they did 
not want any help.  They enjoyed this!

The kids thought that the long, pointy teeth 
were really cool!

He asked me several times, "Are you sure this isn't poop?  
Are you really sure?" 

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