Thursday, November 10, 2016

Binoculars All Around!

The generosity of others to my birding program never ceases to amaze me! Today a friend who chatted with Mr. Terry of Vortex, received a box in the mail for our classroom. It contained six pair of brand new 8x28 Vortex binoculars! Now I have enough binoculars for all of the students to use when we go birding and for older kids to use when we go birding. 

What a gift for us!  Binoculars bring the world of nature in closer and make it even more magnificent! Thank you to Vortex, Shamus Terry, and Lea for contacting them. Vortex and Fairway Seeds had each donated the same type of binoculars last week, so this was a huge surprise! Last spring generous birders donated their used field guides and two donors set me up with 40 birding field guides to distribute to the kindergarten - 4th grade Chickadee bird club members, so that they would all have a guides of their very own. Wow! All I can say is...WOW!

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