Thursday, February 2, 2017

100 Days of School!

Today was the 100th day of school!  Oh my!  They have learned so much in one hundred days!  Today we celebrated by doing learning activities based around the number 100.  It was a good day!

Here are the kids on the 100th day of school!
Check their book bags to see these cool "100 Day"
booklets that they worked so hard on.
Here they are working on two 100 piece puzzles.
They were excited to try their hand at writing 1-100!

They wrote about their day in their own journal.

During this activity they rolled the die and colored in
that many pennies until they reached 100 cents.

The kindergartners were so quiet and intent on their work.
We counted 100 pennies today too.

We read the chart from a couple of
years ago that tells of 100 things they'd
learned in kindergarten in 100 days.
They were unhappy that I hadn't made pancakes
with them yet, so I'd better get to that!

We had popcorn, M&Ms, and Cheese Puffs for a snack
at the end of the day.  Mmmm...

We had a nice day!

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